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    The first day you are smoke-free. After 60 days you are nicotine-free
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How to Quit Smoking Forever? Only one easy-to-use kit. .... The first day: you are smoke-free. After 60 days: you are nicotine-free.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Cigorette Inc - Canada Cigorette Inc is a Canadian Federal Corporation specialized in the production of Cigorette® premium class e-Juice and electronic liquid products. At Cigorette®, eliquid and ejuice products are of pharmaceutical grade ingredients with reference to the US pharmacopeial standards.  We research, develop, manufacture, quality control, and assure our vaping e-juice and eliquid products according to good Laboratory and manufacturing practices. In addition to vaping e-liquids, Cigorette Inc has an active and considerable role in marketing and sales of Cigorette® and other brands’ personal vaping devices, kits, and accessories. That is, of course, with a wide range of related spare parts and components. Inn...

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Cigorette Inc
Cigorette Inc.
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