Why Cigorette Inc?

Cigorette Inc (e-cigarettes and e-Liquids Canada) is an ethical consumer-oriented corporation founded with a clear vision and mission by a group of consultants with over 20 years of real-life experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


Would e-cigarettes and e-Liquids help?

e-cigarette and e-liquid Canada - Cigorette Inc liquids - your way to quit tobacco cigarette

Helping tobacco products’ consumers to reduce the risk of smoking significantly is our goal.  For this reason, our industry provides the most appropriate alternatives without the tobacco known chemicals and harmful components. Therefore, the way our e-cigarettes and liquids products work for our customers’ behalf; would facilitate their mission of quitting tobacco cigarettes by crossing them from conventional smoking to e-vaping, and finally to a nicotine-free vaping state.


e-cigarettes and liquids Canada - Why Cigorette e-liquids?

Vaping Liquids

All Cigorette Inc e-liquids / e-Juices are of pharmaceutical grade ingredients. That is, according to the US pharmacopeial standards

We research, develop, manufacture, quality control and assure our liquids and vaping products. And this is according to the good Laboratory and manufacturing practices. Moreover, Cigorette Inc has an active and considerable role in marketing and sales of e-cigarettes, personal vaping devices, and accessories.


Vaping Devices and Accessories

With our rich knowledge, and strict standard operating procedures; Cigorette Inc offers the best range of e-cigarettes (electronic vaporizers) with continuous supply and availability of all related accessories and change parts. It is worth mentioning that we choose carefully, test and quality assure our complete range of e-cig devices, kits, and accessories -in a way- to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our customers.








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