Cigorette® Golden Membership Program

Cigorette Inc. Membership Card identifies the holder as a participant in Cigorette® Golden membership program.

Firstly, our membership program has two main categories:

  • Retail customer membership
  • Reseller customer membership

Secondly, in both Categories, Cigorette® Membership Cards are only available to persons over the age of 19 years.

Cigorette Inc Golden Membership program - e-cigarettes and e-liquids Canada

Above all, being a gold member at Cigorette® program will give you the advantage to access and utilize exclusive multiple benefits made available to you. Such as, prioritizing your orders’ fulfillment and authorizing different layers of pre-identified percentages of discounts for you as a retail or a reseller customer. Also, granting the retail customers -only- with reward points’ collection option if they decided to decline the discount option.


In order to become a gold member, and to receive your personalized magnetic membership card, the following should be fulfilled:

Retail Customers

  • You are Canadian or living in Canada
  • You placed a Cigorette Inc in-store -onetime- order of the value being 100 CAD and above, or an online store -onetime- order of the value being 120 CAD or above.
  • A Cigorette Inc in-store simple form needs to be filled and signed or downloaded from the online store, filled, signed and emailed to In both scenarios, your membership card will be encoded and shipped to you at no cost on the very next day. Moreover, and in certain events when you are at a Cigorette Inc store with onsite management office, it’s more likely that you receive your card during your visit.

You may download the form by clicking on this link: [Cigorette Inc Application Form]

Merchant/ Reseller Customers

  • You have a Canadian business
  • You have an account at Cigorette Inc. (Please refer to “How We Work” for more info)
  • You placed a Cigorette Inc in-store -only- order of the value being 3000CAD or above.
  • A Cigorette Inc in-store merchant membership form needs to be filled and signed. We will encode your company membership card and hand it over to you within 15 minutes; otherwise, we will ship it to you at no cost on the very next day.


Retail Customers’ Membership discount benefits: (In-Store Only)

      [order value-before tax]
  • 04% discount (for orders from 15 to 50 CAD)
  • 06% discount (for orders from 51 to 100 CAD)
  • 09% discount (for orders from 101 to 150 CAD)
  • 10% discount (for orders above 150 CAD)

Retail Customers’ Membership discount benefits:(Online-Store Only)

      [order value-before tax]
  • Flat 10% discount (for orders above 120 CAD)

All you need to do; is to enter your membership card number in the coupon field upon checking out with your order.

Finally, please note that you have a limit of 48 online transactions discounts per year. Which means -almost- 4 times a month or 1 time a week.

Merchants/Resellers Membership discount benefits: (In-Store Only)

      [order value-before tax]
  • 14% discount (for orders from 500 to 1,000 CAD)
  • 18% discount (for orders from 1,001 to 3,000 CAD)
  • 22% discount (for orders from 3,001 to 5,000 CAD)
  • 26% discount (for orders from 5,001 to 10,000 CAD)
  • 29% discount (for orders above 10,000 CAD)


Please Note:

  • Cigorette® membership cannot be used by anyone other than the individual or the company the card was issued to.
  • By accepting and/or using Cigorette® membership card, the member accepts the terms and conditions governing its use. So, please refer to Cigorette Inc terms and conditions for full information.
  • By accepting and/or using Cigorette® membership card, you understand that you will be the only liable party for all your purchases from Cigorette Inc. Such as e-liquids, e-hardware products, and services. And this is based on your full awareness and knowledge of the products and services you are dealing with at Cigorette Inc. or, You already have consulted with a healthcare professional.
  • Cigorette Inc reserves the right, at any time, to amend or terminate the benefits of the cardholder.
  • Cigorette® card is property to Cigorette Inc. Therefore, it must be returned upon request.
  • Cigorette Inc. reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant.






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