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Gift Cards

Cigorette® Gift Cards

There are 5 different Cigorette® Gift Cards. And this is based on their values in Canadian dollars

  • GC25:       25 Dollars Gift Card
  • GC50:       50 Dollars Gift Card
  • GC75:       75 Dollars Gift Card
  • GC100:   100 Dollars Gift Card
  • GC150:   150 Dollars Gift Card

Cigorette Inc Gift Card - e-Cigs and e-Liquids Canada

Cigorette® gift card have no expiration date and may be used only for purchases in Canada at Cigorette Inc corporate stores, outlets, and the online website that can be accessed by visiting www.cigorette.com or any of the following TLDS: (ca, us, eu, org, net, and info).


Cigorette Inc gift card cannot be used for purchases at stores that may carry Cigorette® products and not a Cigorette Inc corporate or franchise stores.

Moreover, Cigorette™ gift card cannot be redeemed for cash (except where required by applicable law).

Cigorette Inc is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards or for use without the card’s owner permission.



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