Six Profound Facts

Six profound facts about Cigorette Inc. (E-liquids and Vaporizers Canada)

  • Like Nothing Else:

    six-profound-facts - Cigorette Inc e-liquids and vaporizers Canada

    A consumer-oriented ethical e-liquids manufacturer and e-vaping devices (Vaporizers) marketing corporation that was founded with a clear vision and mission by a group of consultants with over 20 years of real-life experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

  •  Knowledge-Base Focused Company:

    We view our success as dependent on how much we invest in mastering the know-how of what we do. This is obvious in our basic documentation, policies, code of conduct, standard operating procedures, practices, guidelines, and ending by Cigorette Inc products and services related knowledge and market communication skills. That’s why; we do empower our staff members with adequate basic and advanced training on the product information. Also, the communication, presentation, and selling skills.


Quality e-liquids/e-vaporizers products & services:

We are working hard to earn a great reputation in the marketplaces we’re operating in; by providing the following products and services:

  1. CigoretteTM e-liquids
  2.  Cigorette Inc marketed e-vaping devices, kits, and accessories.
  3.  Maintaining a 99% availability of the change parts for our range of e-vaping devices, kits, and accessories.
  4.  Offering unforgettable customer care experience.
  5.  Empowering our customers and the e-vaping communities with the righteous products’ knowledge-base.

six-profound-facts - Cigorette Inc e-liquids and vaporizers Canada

We stand behind our products and services with unlimited support. Consequently, we realize our mission of satisfying the real need behind the need for all the customers by offering a competitive edge e-liquids and e-cigarettes` products and services that return superior win-win results.


  • Outstanding Customer Services and Relationships:

    At Cigorette Inc, we know -very well- the importance of the excellent customer services and the successful professional relationships. Therefore, we should credit our reputation to the fact that we control all aspects of our customer care standards, knowledge, communication skills, and professional post-selling services. Because we know deep-inside that emphasizing on the quality assurance of each customer service practice we implement; will always be the watchword of our development process.


  • Fiscal Independence:

Apart from our seven digits capital, Cigorette Inc Canada believes in financing its growth through current earnings and the earnings to come, and we have thoughtfully planned to do so.

Moreover, our strong structure, well-experienced team members, and the successful diversity of products and services give us the ability to control our economic cycles and turn them in our favor. Besides that, we have planned to assure long-term financial stability, and award-winning feature-rich products and services. Therefore; you can count on Cigorette Inc to be around and supportive for many years to come.


  • Invincible competitive advantages and unique selling points:

– All Cigorette Inc products are quality controlled and assured

–  Cigorette® e-liquids are of pharmaceutical grade ingredients with reference to the US pharmacopeial standards. Thus, we develop and manufacture our e-liquids according to the good Laboratory and manufacturing practices.

– All Cigorette® electronic Liquids are developed to cover all the vaporizers and e-smoking devices.

–  Cigorette Inc e-vaping devices, kits, and parts are trustworthy and of hi-quality standards.

–  A 99% availability of all Cigorette Inc offered products’ spare parts and accessories.

–  Most of Cigorette® e-liquids are nicotine-free and should be mentioned on the package when there is certain below-medium or low concentration.

–  99% of an uninterrupted complete range of Cigorette® marketed kits that match our customers’ needs and budgets. This is obvious in all Cigorette Kits starting from CigoFitTM [1,2,3] to CigoKitTM [1,2,..,9] to CigoGiftTM [1,2,..,5], also, CigoQuitTM [1 &2] for regular and heavy smokers.

–  Invincible productsprices of different multi-factorial layers based on the ordered quantities, Cigorette Inc membership club, and other related loyalty programs.

Profound Facts - Cigorette Inc e-liquids and vaporizers Canada

–  Availability of two different sales activities; Retail and Wholesale.

–  A 100% -rest-assuring- accessibility to Cigorette Inc products and services through our physical locations, as well as, our prestigious online store. Our policies, code of ethics and conduct, also, customer care standards are the only guiding lines we follow to gain our customers’ respect, trust, and satisfaction. Both now and in the future.








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