Cigorette Inc.

Cigorette Inc is Canadian Federal Corporation specialized in production of Cigorette® premium class electronic liquids.

Cigorette Inc e-liquids are of pharmaceutical grade ingredients according to to the US pharmacopeial standards. Furthermore, we research, develop, manufacture, quality control and assure our products. And this is according to the good Laboratory and manufacturing practices.

In addition to e-liquids, Cigorette Inc has a considerable role in marketing personal vaping devices, kits, accessories, and change parts.

Cigorette Inc. founded in August 2014 with a clear vision and mission by a group of consultants with over 20 years of real-life experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

With our rich knowledge and strict operating procedures; we offer the best range of electronic vaporizers with a continuous supply of all related accessories and change parts. That is why; we carefully choose and test every e-hardware to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our customers, as well as, to overrule the unlikely events when an e-hardware could ever fail an e-liquid.

How We Work?

How We Work - Cigorette Inc - Electronic Cigarette and eLiquid products Canada
How we work Cigorette Inc - eliquids - corporation is at the front line of the pioneering electronic vaping companies in Canada. We have the proper scientific knowledge combined with the necessary state-of-the-art ethical marketing know-how, which is why; we are the preferred partner in our eliquid industry and the favorite supplier to the e-vaping community. No matter where you are, what is your preferred Cigorette® product, or the size of your eliquids order; we will fulfill it. ...
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Why Cigorette Inc?

Why Cigorette Inc e-liquids - Electronic Liquids and vaporizers
Cigorette Inc (e-cigarettes and e-Liquids Canada) is an ethical consumer-oriented corporation that is founded with a clear vision and mission by a group of consultants with over 20 years of real-life experience in the pharmaceutical industry.   Would e-cigarettes and e-Liquids help? Helping tobacco products’ consumers to reduce the risk of smoking significantly is our goal.  For this reason, our industry provides the most appropriate alternatives without the tobacco known chemicals...
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Six Profound Facts

Profound Facts - Cigorette Inc e-liquids and vaporizers Canada
Six profound facts about Cigorette Inc. (E-liquids and Vaporizers Canada) Like Nothing Else: A consumer-oriented ethical e-liquids manufacturer and e-vaping devices (Vaporizers) marketing corporation that was founded with a clear vision and mission by a group of consultants with over 20 years real-life experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  Knowledge-Base Focused Company: We view our success as dependent on how much we invest in mastering the know-how of wh...
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About Cigorette Inc

About Cigorette Inc - vapers eliquid company
  Cigorette Inc. An innovative Canadian corporation who created a perfect harmony between the brilliance of Cigorette®  manufactured e-liquids and the well-controlled standards of marketed e-vaping devices, kits, and parts.  That is why; Cigorette Inc promoted products are defined to be a top-notch, carefully developed electronic vaping systems that accurately satisfy the need, match the taste, and indulge the senses with unforgettable vaping experience for all tobacco cigarettes, cigar, ...
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Cigorette Inc
Cigorette Inc.