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510 Threaded USB Charger

CAD $ 4.99

A cost-effective and heavy-duty USB charger that is compatible with all eGO style electronic cigarettes, in addition to other 510 threaded e-cig devices.

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USB Charger for 510 threaded and eGO Style electronic cigarettes

This charger is compatible with eGO style e-cigarettes. Also, all 510 threaded connection vaping devices. Moreover,  you can charge your vaporizer by connecting to any USB port in your laptop, car dashboard, aircraft seat, power-bank USB port, and all designated wall charging units.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that this product is one of the CigoQuitTM (Cigorette Inc. Quit Smoking Aid Kit, Cigoquit1 and CigoQuit2) components, as well as, other Cigorette starters, value and gifting Kits like CigoKitTM, CigoFitTM, CigoGiftTM, and Other brands’ Kits.


  • Connection Threading: 510
  • Material: Plastic+ electronic components
  • Colour: Black
  • Output Current: 420 mA
  • Input Type & Value: DC 5 V
  • Output Type & Value: DC 4.2 V
  • Product Dimensions & Weight:
  • LENGTH:  29 or 30 cm
  • DEPTH:  12 mm
  • HEIGHT:  42 mm
  • WIDTH:  24.1 mm


What is in the package?

  • 1 x 510 Threaded U.S.B. charger




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