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Cigorette® Gift Card

There are 5 different Cigorette®  Gift Cards. And this is based on their values in Canadian dollars

  • GC25:       25 Dollars Gift-Card
  • GC50:       50 Dollars Gift-Card
  • GC75:       75 Dollars Gift-Card
  • GC100:   100 Dollars Gift-Card
  • GC150:   150 Dollars Gift-Card



Cigorette® gift cards have no expiration date and may be used only for purchases Cigorette Inc Gift Card - e-Cigs and e-Liquids Canadain Canada at Cigorette Inc corporate stores, and the online website that can be accessed by visiting www.cigorette.com or any of the following TLDS: (ca, us, eu, org, net, and info).

Cigorette Inc gift cards cannot be used for purchases at stores that may carry Cigorette® products and not a Cigorette Inc corporate or franchise stores.

Moreover, gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash (except where required by applicable law).

Cigorette Inc is not responsible for a lost or stolen gift card or for use without the card’s owner permission.











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