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T3S Bottom Coil Head

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Heavy duty replaceable 2.3-ohm T3S bottom coil head/heating core for e-Cigarette`s T3S Clearomizers.

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T3S Bottom Coil Head (2.3 ohms)

A heavy duty replaceable T3S bottom coil head/heating core for electronic cigarette T3S clearomizers.


  • T3S (2.3 ohms) Bottom Coil Head/Heating core

    Coil Resistance: 2.3 ohm
    Product Dimensions/WT:
    DEPTH:    9 mm
    HEIGHT:  25 mm
    WIDTH:    9 mm
    WEIGHT:  2.2 g



  • What is in the package?
  • 1 x T3S (2.3 ohms) bottom coil head



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