Time needed to charge an e-cig battery

What is the time needed to charge an e-cig battery?


Time needed to charge an e-cig battery - Cigorette Inc Canada

As a matter of fact, the charging time differs from certain battery type and brand to another. But generally, It takes 3-4 hours to finish the charging.

When your e-cig has finished charging, the LED light on the charger will change color, usually to green. You need to be there to remove it from the charger as soon as possible. This is why, do should not leave you e-cig charging unattended.

Also, It’s important to charge your electronic cigarette battery in a safe location, away from sources of excessive heat and high humidity.

Additionally, you should always charge your batteries out of reach of children.

If you want to guarantee maximum safety, don’t charge your e-cig with anything other than the original charger from the manufacturer or the compatible one.











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