How to categorize eCigarettes ?

How to categorize eCigarettes ?

eCigarettes / eVaporizers come in different shapes and sizes based on their capacity and flexibility. The major distinction between them is whether they are of a closed or open vaping system.

eCigarettes categories - Cigorette Inc CanadaClosed system devices are called so, for the reason; all the parts included cannot be modified by the user. The battery has a fixed voltage. The coil has a certain resistance and is not rebuildable or replaceable, and the tank holding the e-liquid is most probably self-contained.

The only flexibility is that the user can change the whole tank including the coil with a new one as well as changing the liquids of different flavors and controlling the strength of nicotine (if applicable).

Open system devices, also known as APVs (Advanced personal vaporizers) or Mods (modification capable devices). They are called so, for the reason; most of the parts included can be modified and fully controlled by the user. Moreover, The battery has a variable voltage control. Also, The coil can be controlled digitally or manually by replacing or rebuilding the whole tank and/or the coil with different resistance readings.  And -of course- the user can change e-liquids of different flavors and controls the strength of the nicotine (if applicable). In a nutshell, all the aspects of the open system devices can be changed to suit the user preferences.











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