E-Liquid strength explained

E-Liquid Strength explained

e-Liquid Strength - Cigorette Inc - Electronic Cigarettes and e-Liquids CanadaE-Liquid strength is a shortcut expression for the nicotine concentration in a given electronic liquid/Juice.  In the electronic cigarettes’ industry, the unit measurement of a nicotine strength contained in electronic liquid is:


(mg/ml)   OR   (mg/cc)   OR   %solution


Bearing in mind the following constant facts:

  • 1 mL = 1 milliliter = (1/1000) of a liter = 1 CC = 1 Cubic Centimeter
  • 1 mg = 1 milligram = (1/1000) of a gram
  • 1% solution = 1000mg/100cc = 1000mg/100ml = 10mg/cc = 10mg/ml >> i.e. 1% = 10 X mg/ml

As a result:

  • to convert from %solution to (mg/ml or mg/cc) you need to multiply by 10
  • to convert from (mg/ml or mg/cc) to %solution you need to divide by 10


Examples of liquid strengths’ preparation:

Wt/Vol        % Solution      Concentration  
Equivalence              % Solution         Using Absolute Nicotine

00mg/ml or cc      0.0%          00ml  Nicotine in 1 liter liq
03mg/ml or cc      0.3%          03ml  Nicotine in 1 liter liq
06mg/ml or cc      0.6%          06ml  Nicotine in 1 liter liq
10mg/ml or cc     1.0%           10ml  Nicotine in 1 liter liq
15mg/ml or cc     1.5%           15ml  Nicotine in 1 liter liq
18mg/ml or cc     1.8%           18ml  Nicotine in 1 liter liq

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