Does eLiquid go bad?

Does eLiquid go bad?

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YES it does go bad; if you don’t consider the ideal storing conditions, such as, the appropriate temperature, low intensity light exposure, low humidity, and the airtight bottle capping.

E-liquid remains perfect for years if you store it in the right way. And, can be vaped successfully up to 2 years and more.


In order to achieve optimal storing conditions, you may consider the following:

  • Temperature: Please store at or around the ambient room temperature (20-25°C)=(68-77°F) or below.
  • Light: Please store in dark places or in low light exposure conditions to protect the ingredients contained inside the bottle from photo damage. As we all know, the sun’s light contains UV rays that are not only harmful to our skin but can change the components of different eliquid products as well.
  • Humidity: In certain eliquid products, in order to avoid triggering the chemical breakdown of certain components due to reaction with water, it is strongly advisable that you store your e-liquid bottles in dry place, especially, in the unlikely event when you leave the led open or the bottle cap is not of an airtight type.
  • Airtight bottles: For the same reasons mentioned in point-3, certain harsh conditions or exposure to fumes may affect the liquid if the liquid bottle cap is not of an airtight type.
  • Never return an e-liquid from your tank or atomizer back to the original bottle or dropper.


 Signs of an e-liquid gone bad

  • Separation into layer(s)
  • Change to a different color or getting extremely darker: e-liquid can get a little bit darker but it doesn’t mean it’s bad. It may still vape and taste great, but If you see an extreme change to the color, this can be one of the biggest indications that your e-liquid has gone bad.
  • Change in viscosity (E juice gets less viscous and more watery): the viscosity or thickness of an e-liquid can vary depending on the type and blend of your product. However, turning into less viscous from its original state might be a sign it has gone bad.
  • Change in taste or loosing flavor











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