Does E-cigarette battery catch fire or explode

E-cigarette battery fires and explosions

Does E-cigarette battery catch fire or explode?

To answer this question we should understand that Lithium ion batteries are used in many products other than e-cigarettes. Such as, cell-phones, cameras, laptop computers, notebooks, iPads, iPods, etc. Lithium ion batteries have an in-common fact among all these devices, which is; they very rarely catch fire or explode.does-ecigarette-battery-catch fire or explode- FAQ - Cigorette Inc Canada

Most of all, e-cigarettes are relatively a newly introduced technology to the markets. Also, the industry that makes the batteries for vaping devices is working hard to make them safer.

There is no doubt that there were certain limited incidences when e-cigarette batteries catch fire or explode. But in many times, these incidents were the result of improper charging, such as, using the wrong charger or adapter.

Also the improper storage, as in carrying the battery in a pocket with other metal objects. Moreover, it can be a result of over heating when it is left on the car dashboard in a hot day.

While, there is no reason to confine this problem to e-vaping devices; we still have to read the battery first time use manual and follow all related safety instructions.











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